Osho the Valium and sex addicted Guru

In 2018 Netflix released a documentary called “Wild wild country”. At a first glance, it looks just like another documentary, about the many New-age cults that still exist around the U.S. Wild Wild country has done the rounds online, many people have spoken about it as a go-to documentary on the topic of “cults”.

Osho was a philosopher at Jabalpur University, where he slowly became a guru under the pseudonym/title of Acharya Rajneesh, and for many of his critics he was called a “sex guru”.

Osho rolls royce
Photo: Osho and his Rolls Royce along with his orange people

Chandra Mohan Jain, known as Rajneesh and Osho was born in Madhya Pradesh India, Studied philosophy and became a teacher of philosophy at the University of Saugar.

In the 1970s Osho arose in popularity initiating his followers as the orange people, a color identified in Hindu tradition as a “holy person”. Rajneesh following grew rapidly, he was popular amongst Indian politicians and many foreigners from the United States and Europe visited him. However, his teachings were controversial as they instigated collective expressions of aggression and sexual orgies, which called the attention of the local authorities in his Ashrams. (Ashram: a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions)

The Controversy

Rajneesh’s teachings and his following were getting out of control, thousands of people attended his lectures and retreats.

In the end, Rajneesh’s teachings and followers were so eccentric and liberal that they had to leave India in search of a place where they could “self-express” freely.

Oregon Osho
Photo: Osho followers in Oregon

In the United States Osho set up a commune near a small town in Oregon, but that spiritual “paradise” was short-lived, as the commune was shut down by the pressure of surrounding towns and neighbors.

Stories of sex orgies and violence being practiced in the compound, murder and the poisoning of the local water. This caused enough controversy for the state of Oregon to call the National Guard and remove Rajneesh and his following out of the area. Osho was kicked out of the United States, but not before being temporarily incarcerated with his followers. Shortly after, he was released as all the crimes he was accused of, were not done by him but by members of the community.

Osho traveled around the world seeking refuge but was always kicked out or arrested.
In the end, he returned to India where he settled in his Ashram located in Maharashtra. Here he preached and lived with his students until he passed away from a heart condition. However, his followers believe he died from poisoning or other sinister forms. It is hard for them to say how he could possibly have died.

According to them, he had countless of enemies, because Osho was delivering the “truth” to the world. A reason why they assume it to be murder.

Osho’s addictions and last days

osho cult
Photo: Osho and a follower

Osho was also known to have been addicted to Valium (also known as diazepam, which is used against anxiety, alcohol withdrawals…etc) and sex. One of his followers was actually accused of having put salmonella at a banquet, infecting hundreds of people. His followers were also accused of wiretapping and of breaching immigration laws in order to overstay in the United States. Authorities had found an Armory in the compound, where there was a plot to assassinate an attorney and a plan to bomb a courthouse.

Osho is an example of a guru that drove his students to explore freely what many Cult leaders call “repressed sexual desires” and other buried feelings. A way to possibly free his students from these supposed “repressed feelings”, he would sleep with many of his students and encouraged orgies for self-expression. On the surface, Osho appeared like a normal Guru giving his students philosophical snippets about life, the etymology of words and just acting as odd as possible to make the student feel like he is in the presence of a self-realized, special, god-like Guru.

This deception led many to trust him and give up all their wealth to his organization (which is what most Cults do) and allow themselves to be open to mental and physical abuse. Again, as a way to free those repressed emotions within them, even though that wasn’t really the case.

According to some sources, Osho and his organization are no longer “the big movement of orange people” like back in the 1980s. Where Osho led his students on a journey of excess and deception, which at the end left all his followers lost and disoriented.

However, who knows what they still do or don’t do?

Thank You for reading.

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