My Right to Live – Giving animals a voice we can understand

By Bruna C. Pereira:

Before you keep reading:

While some will eventually agree with the following words, I must say that many will disagree. That is fine, each individual has its own opinion and perception of the world, I by no means force anyone to follow these steps. However, I do invite everyone who chooses to read this article, to read with an open mind and most importantly with an open heart.

The sad fugitive life of animals:

I believe that no human on this planet has ever been so abused, mistreated, unrespected and belittled, like the life of all living animals. From becoming symbols of sacrifices, Lab-toys, slaves of transport, products of fashion, food we often waste, puppets (aka pets) that humans boss around, thousands of cries that go unheard, along with a heavy pain that is often unseen. This isn’t something new, but we still never seem to want to address this problem. We see the pain but we choose to not actually see the way it actually is. Instead we use the excuse that we can not change the way things are, which just means that we in reality do not want to change. 

Instead we put our blindfolds before our eyes and earplugs before our ears.  Along with numbness, before our hearts. We live this way, thinking we are doing good to ourselves, while in reality, we are destroying ourselves. Little by little.

We should be thankful, yet we aren’t. Instead we destroy the main source that even provides for our ability to have a chance for life. If we can not respect what provides all the things that keeps us alive, how can we respect ourselves? This shouldn’t surprise us. I mean look at our history, we even enslave, torture our own race. We step each-other for the taste of power and greed, to later realize that we received nothing out of it. We keep repeating that process over and over again, slamming our heads to a door which we do not have a key for. A door that has no key at all.

Instead we blame it on others, we point fingers and we wait for a specific savior that we expect to do ALL the work for us. Yet if none of us want to change, why would someone believe in a change? This however, is the same behavior we teach our kids not to have, even though we ourselves have it. 

To understand this problem we should admit that both Vegans and Meat-eaters have their own issues:

Meat eaters

Meat eaters use the excuse that without meat they would die or become ill. While that is the outcome in many cases, the reason they become ill, is not due to lack of meat. But rather lack of vitamins and nutrients. After all our bodies only eats whatever we taught it to eat. Meaning that, just because our grandparents ate meat, that does not imply that eating meat is necessary to our health. Besides that, there are those that admit that they eat meat because it tastes good. But we all know that this does not morally justify the killing, along with the torture of a living, conscious being. Even if it is for the sake of our own pleasure.

Many also suggest the question of certain vitamins such as B12, however, that vitamin isn’t just found in meat. In fact whether you eat meat or not, we will still be B12 deficient. That vitamin or should I say, that bacteria derives from natural soil. The only reason why animals have it at an increased level and we don’t, is mainly because we as a society became so disgusted with having little bites of insects in our salads, that we spermicide our food with poison. However we do not seem to be disgusted with the fact that chips somehow “have to have” pork fat (which by the way, it is made of all the left overs of the pork body parts)

Ask yourself, why does a simple bag of chips have to even have more ingredients, especially those we can barely read, besides potatoes fried in vegetable oil?

The problem with B12

B12 is not a vitamin, it is a bacteria. From a Botanical perspective the reason why we and also animals are starting to lack more and more on this bacteria is because of our soil.

Nature is self life giving, it delivers oxygen providing air to all elements along with its own breathing. (Yes, plants do not just purify our air, they also take some for their own health as well. Which makes it amazing.) Parts of it die which evaporate at the surface of its soil leaving all minerals only, this is how nature has its own natural fertilizer (food). (Example;  dead leaves, animals, insects,  plants…etc) This can show us how we, and everything up to the smallest insect, play a big role in nature. How all of us are connected to it. 

The Problem now  is that in our agriculture we don’t really let anything go back to it’s soil anymore. Which means that we are taking away many minerals from not only parts of nature but of our own food. That means, that we are actually decreasing the quality of our food. 

This is where mono-culture comes from, that basically means that we found our synthetic ways to fertilize our soil. With chemicals. We remove all not sellable plants/crops and we quickly synthetically fertilize it, in order to be quicker. (Examples; the soil we use on our home plants and the fertilizers we feed our plants every month during it’s growing phase.) Just because it grows, it doesn’t mean that it is rich and healthy with those synthetic minerals. 

Spermicides also play a big role here, they are designed to kill all bacteria, including the bacteria that is actually good for us. Since plants take everything from their roots and in some cases their leaves, it means that they also take in chemicals they shouldn’t. Chemicals we too should not consume.

“Animals eat meat too”, this claim is the one we often hear from people who are against the Vegan lifestyle. Yes, animals do eat meat, but dont we claim to have a higher sense of consciousness than animals? Dont we have that human touch towards things? Then why are we comparing ourselves to animals in some cases, yet claiming to be superior in others?


planet earth first poster on a concrete post
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Many vegans out there seek “fake meat products”, seeking the synthetic meat flavor that in the end reminds them of actual meat, therefore desiring meat. Where the vegan industry could focus on finding their own  plant products and tasteful recipes, that are alone satisfying and healthy to eat. Because vegan doesn’t equal healthy, many products out there might contain protein and healthy elements, but they too contain high rates of sugar and unable to pronounce chemicals. We don’t need such things such as vegan steaks…. vegan sausages… representing the form  and look of meat products. You see, just because we have the strength to restrain ourselves from meat even though we in our heads desire it, doesnt imply that we are solving a problem. Our actions will always be the product of our thoughts and if we can not solve our problems in our heads, we will only be postponing this problem. Never fixing it.

Unfortunately, there are certain groups of people and companies who wish to turn society, Vegan mainly for the cause of propagating GMO food, fast food. All of this just to turn even food a product that will benefit someone more than others, where in the end we will be the product. If we aren’t already.

Veganism is not perfect

Meat eaters often point out all the mistakes vegans do. Be it if they slip and eat something that contains animal products, clothes that turned out to be made of animals fur…etc Many do this not only because they want to prove to vegans that they believe that being vegan nowadays is impossible, but because it avoids them of guilt. Which it shouldn’t. After all, even if we like it or not, we are all guilty. We are guilty because we submit ourselves to these options. The majority being agains’t it, choose to do nothing about it. Believing that there is nothing we can do. Even though someone had to do something, in order to make our now the present we know of. So if that someone can, can’t we?

This shouldn’t demotivate us, but rather make us realize that we need to somehow start changing. That’s what most people who become vegan start off doing. Still, in every successful achievement will there be mistakes along with failures. Mistakes that should not be repeated, but that will bring us forward. Just like everything achieved by society, it takes time. It takes time, because the only way something can survive, is if the whole society, the whole world is on the same boat. If we all stand together instead of apart. If we finally realize that every action each human does on this planet will impact their surroundings. From one we will become two, from two to ten and eventually from ten to billions.

Our mission to get a step forward into making a change:

These paragraphs above, are the main reasons why we fight for the rights that nature and all it’s members deserve. Not out of self concern, egoism to keep our earth just safe enough for us to continue manipulating it, but rather to respect it and be thankful for it.

This is why on the 13th of December us and some other individuals will join in a small demonstration in Bern, Switzerland. The demonstration will occur from 1pm until around 5pm around the Main station of Bern, where we will ask to Vegetarians, Vegans and Meat eaters their views on this topic and what made them think the way they do.

Flyer of our demonstration called My Right to live, that will occur on December 13th in Switzerland

We will also be doing a documentary called: “My Right to live”, which we will be posting it on our Website in the near future as well.

Coming up in February 2021

With that I will just say this;
If others can do something to change things, so can you. Even if that only involves in us changing ourselves but also those close to us. Let’s do this before our “almost late” becomes a “too late”. Because we really love/care for our home, ourselves and our kids/grandchildren.

Thank you for reading.
Written by: Truthrises