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A Biography on Antony Blinken

Guest Author: Carter McLellan
(Post created on the 22nd January 2022)


  1. Intro
  2. Blinken today
  3. Family & background
  4. Supranational connections
  5. Notes


Recently I was asked to have a closer look at the experienced diplomat Tony Blinken. Familiar with the influential position of this man today, I accepted and went straight to the easiest available source of information, his Wikipedia page. [1] From here a brief profile was created, as is always done. With the decent amount of information already available, this effort proved mildly successful.

Someone else eventually suggested that I make a post about the findings on Tony. Having wanted to make a post for this site anyway, it was decided to proceed with such a task. So, with a basic timeline completed, in order to get some more material, I checked a couple of the quickest-best sources I could think of, to dig a little deeper. All of a sudden really interesting things started to pop up, in addition to what was already gathered. This is information that everyone should know about Mr. Blinken

Blinken today

At the moment of this writing USA President Joe Biden has issued a warning to the Russian Federation, that any aggressive action in Ukraine will result in a “dear price.” Biden’s guess is that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will move in.” [2] On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Blinken landed in Ukraine for diplomatic efforts amid heightened tensions over Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s eastern border. Blinken held a press conference with Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Relations Dmytro Kuleba. At Ukraine upon request of President Biden, Blinken echoed Biden’s warning and cited the need for Ukrainians to defend against alleged division instigated by Russia. [3] The controversy around this time, according to US intel., was that despite having forces in Belarus, the Russians had also operatives preparing to stage a “false flag” operation.

On Thursday, Blinken then headed to Munich, Germany for meetings on Thursday, January 20. The visit to Munich comes as the new German Chancellor Olaf Sholz earlier warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, they might halt Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. [4] Germany appears to be working their own diplomatic agenda with Russia.

All of these meetings have led up to an important meeting with Russia Minister of Foreign Affairs Serge Lavrov on Friday, in Geneva, Switzerland. [5] These types of bilateral oriented meetings go on in Switzerland largely because it is a “neutral” country.

While Blinken is out and about meeting with all the world leaders and their foreign ministers, one might be wondering, who is this man? That’s a question the following sections intend to satisfy.

Family & background

Antony John Blinken was born to Jewish parents, Judith Frehm and Donald Mayor Blinken, [6] on April 16, 1962, in Yonkers, New York, USA. On the paternal side, Donald and his two brothers Alan and Robert were born to Maurice Henry Blinken and Ethel Horowitz. Maurice was originally from Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, [7] then under the Russian Empire. Maurice’s father was Meir Blinken (1879-1915), Tony’s great grandfather, a Jewish Ukrainian Yiddish author who moved his family to the USA in 1904. [8]

Nearly the whole paternal side of Tony’s family were diplomats. His father Donald was US Ambassador to Hungary, [9] during the Clinton administration, from 1994-1997. In the same period, from 1993-1998, Donald’s brother (Tony’s uncle) Alan was Ambassador to Belgium. [10] The family has always been aligned with the Democrat party and since Maurice have been early supporters of Israel, [11] which will be important later on in this post.

However, Tony Blinken did not grow up very long with his father. By age nine, Blinken’s parents divorced, he went to live with his mother Judith and her new husband Samuel Pisar, who became his stepfather, in Paris, France. A prominent Polish-Hungarian lawyer, he was also Jewish, whose family and friends had been murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis. He himself was a survivor who managed to escape, before heading to Australia. [12]

Before setting off for Paris in ’71, Blinken was educated at the notorious Dalton School. After being in France for about 9 years, where he attended the Ecole Jeanine Manuel, he returned to the US to attend Harvard University, 1980-1984, followed by Columbia University Law School, 1985-1988. [13] At the former he obtained a BA in social studies (and wrote articles on current affairs for the Crimson) and the latter a JD respectively. In a display of solid Eastern establishment relations, many of Blinken’s family went to Harvard. His father Donald went to Harvard and graduated with praise in economics, in 1948, after serving in WWII. His uncle Alan also obtained a BA from Harvard, while his stepfather Pisar obtained a JD from there. [14] Again, we’ll be returning to this point.

After university, Blinken practiced law in New York for some time. In 1988, Blinken with his father raised money for Democratic Presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, the Governor of Massachusetts, who lost to Republican Vice President George H.W. Bush. [15] Pretty soon, in the next few years, Blinken would find himself with positions in Washington, DC.

Positions in office held by Tony Blinken: [16]

Clinton administration, 1993-2001

  • State Department and National Security Council, 1994-2001
  • Special Assistant to President and Senior Director for Strategic Planning; NSC Senior Director for Speechwriting, 1994-1998
  • Special Assistant to President and Senior Director for European and Canadian Affairs, 1999-2001

Bush Jr. administration, 2001-2009

  • Senate Relations Committee, Staff Director, 2002-2008.
  • Foreign Policy Advisor for Joe Biden’s unsuccessful Presidential campaign, before advising the Barack Obama transition team, 2008-2009

Obama administration, 2009-2017

  • Deputy National Security Advisor, from 2013-2017?
  • Deputy Security of State, 2014-2017?

Trump administration, 2017-2021

  • Went into the private sector (See below)

Biden administration, 2021-Present

  • Secretary of State, 2021-Present


Supranational connections

The “Eastern establishment”

Antony blinken eastern establishment?
Photo of Antony Blinken

Now with this very brief frame of reference above, let’s dig a little bit deeper. This is where things get really interesting. Before putting this post together Blinken had not really been on my radar. I first heard about him when he became Secretary of State in the Biden administration last year. But as I began to dig, it became clear very quickly that he was indeed a member of the “Superclass Society,” if you will.

The first thing that became clear is that Blinken fit the criteria of the “Eastern establishment.” This term, if you have not heard of it, refers to a group of people in the northeast of the USA, which wields a disproportionate influence over the politics of this nation. These are people who hold senior positions in the government coming from select universities, law firms, companies, think tanks and foundations. Predecessors are groomed and succeed their mentors in these positions. Once you become aware of this reality, you’ll begin to understand why suspicions of a permanent establishment, or “legitimate Mafia” have persisted for decades, perhaps longer.

One of the university clearinghouses is, you may have already guessed, Harvard University. Tony Blinken then of course became a graduate of Harvard by 1984, just like his father Donald, and both of his brothers Alan and Robert in 1965. [17] Blinken’s stepfather Samuel Pisar also obtained a JD from Harvard. [18] This was already mentioned, but there needs to be some more emphasis here. Besides Harvard, in 1988 Blinken graduated from Columbia University, another educational institution prominently represented at the top of the “Anglo-American establishment.” [19]

In 1987, Blinken published his work, ‘Ally versus Ally,’ in which he argued for pressure on the Soviet Union while the US maintains a strong relationship with Europe. [20] He really had a knack for writing it seems. Back in his Harvard years he wrote about current affairs in the Crimson, and edited the art magazine, What Is To Be Done. [21]

“Liberal CIA”/Liberal establishment ties:

Antony Blinken
Photo of The New Republic Magazines

After Harvard, Blinken became an intern and writer at the curious magazine The New Republic. What might be so curious about this liberal paper, you might ask? Well, the magazine has been around for a long time and ISGP Studies has dug up some very interesting things about its past, suspecting that it may be “Liberal CIA” controlled opposition. [22] Blinken worked here for eight years after Harvard, from 1984-1992. One of its past editors-in-chief, from 1953-1974, was Gilbert Harrison, a typical Eastern Establishmentarian liberal. He had bought the magazine from Michael Straight, a fellow Martha’s Vineyard neighbor. Harrison curiously worked closely with super-liberal spook Cord Meyer of the CIA, also through the New World Foundation, which Harrison co-founded, and was chairman of the American Veterans Committee. Meyer’s wife once remarked, “that her husband [Meyer], Harrison and associates were all old boy OSS/CIA and always plotting to get their own favorite presidential candidate in the White House. Even within the NGO circuit ties between the New World [Fdn.] and the CIA were considered “not inconceivable”.” [23] Is it a coincidence then that in this time period that Blinken worked for the magazine, he and his father Donald were involved in raising funds for Democratic Presidential candidate Dukakis? Maybe so, or perhaps not.

In more recent years, Tony Blinken appeared as a global affairs analyst for CNN, in 2020. Talk about bad timing, just at the end of last year, CNN was rocked with a mirage of scandals, consistently involving sexual abuse, even of minors. [24] Now that isn’t to say everyone at CNN are involved in this, but who’s to say how many more aren’t? After all, CNN has been one of the media outlets directly controlled by the liberal establishment through a cozy network of friends.

It may be even more interesting now to see the Blinken family connection to superclass heavyweight George Soros. The fact is that in 2015, the Open Society Archives in Hungary were renamed Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives after a major donation from the couple. We are talking about a significant segment of “the engine” of the “Liberal CIA.” The archives are now known as Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA). [25] Folks, this is the central archives of the global activity of the Open Society… From 1994-1997, Donald Blinken was US Ambassador to Hungary, a nation on the far west border of Ukraine. [26] This fact likely has something to do with Donald’s association with Soros’ Open Society in Hungary.

When Tony Blinken’s father became Ambassador to Hungary, Tony then joined the State Department and the National Security Council during the Clinton administration (see above). Tony’s uncle Alan had just become Ambassador to Belgium, from 1993-1998. [27] So the last we heard of Tony he was helping his father raise campaign money for Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, in 1988. As far as we know, besides working for The New Republic, Tony was out practicing law in New York into the early 1990s. What is significant here though, is that the State Department is one of the pillars of the “Liberal establishment”, inseparable from the left-wing of the CIA. [28] From 1994-1998, Tony Blinken was Special Assistant to President Clinton and Senior Director for Strategic Planning. Additionally, Blinken was National Security Council Senior Director for Speechwriting. He held the Special Assistant position from 1999-2001, at the end of the Clinton administration. Also, he was also Senior Director for European and Canadian Affairs in these last two years. (See above)

Enter Bush Jr. administration, from 2001-2009. In 2001, as we all know, the 9/11 conspiracy took place, and the so-called War on Terror began. At this time, from 2001-2002, Blinken was a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). [29] Within ten years, we find Blinken also as David Rockefeller Fellow of the Trilateral Commission (TC), until last year. [30] Let that sink in for a moment.

At least a few of Blinken’s predecessors as Secretary of State have been TC members, both Republican and Democrat. These two NGOs are prominent in the Liberal establishment of international relations milieux, especially the TC. Most people have heard of the Trilateral Commission, it is not a coincidence that when anyone talks about it there is a stigma of fringe conspiracy theory. That’s a psyop, that’s the job of the subverted alternative media, especially conspiracy-oriented disinformers. [31] However, don’t let anyone downplay the significance of these NGOs, they are very elite, and many influential people orbit around them. For instance, just take a look at past Secretaries of State:

  • Henry Kissinger, Sec. of State, 1973-1977, Ford adm., TC executive from 1978-1998, regular into ’20s
  • Cyrus Vance, Sec. of State, 1977-1980, Carter adm., founding TC member in 1973
  • George Schultz, Sec. of State, 1982-1989, Reagan adm., TC member in 1990s
  • Lawrence Eagleburger, Sec of State, 1992-1993, Bush adm., TC member by late 1980s
  • Warren Christopher, Sec. of State, 1993-1997, Clinton adm., founding TC member in 1973 [32]
  • Tony Blinken, Sec. of State, 2021-Present, Biden adm., TC

Many other positions in public office have been held by Trilateral Commission members, including presidents, both Democrats and Republicans. This is one example of the consistent influence of the TC. We could go more into the superclass connections of the TC, but for time constraints and length, we will leave it here.

Antony Blinken Rex tillerson
Photo of Rex Tillerson

What about the CSIS? One of Blinkens’ recent predecessors was a member of the CSIS, Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, from 2017-2018, in the Trump administration. This is a prestigious think tank, clearly with influence in both Democrat and Republican administrations, once again. Although, anyone that’s informed may recall Trump notoriously fired Tillerson [33] and replaced him with CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, whose certainly not a stranger to the Liberal establishment. The CSIS is yet another rabbit hole that will be left alone here.

There are yet other important Liberal establishment (US-centered) ties of Blinken we must absolutely briefly examine. He was a guest speaker and is a Public Member of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Wilson Center). Who else can we find here: George Schultz. [34] Mentioned above, alongside a whole host of other elites, overlapping with the TC and another crucial NGO, which will we be mentioned below.

This is another extremely prominent NGO of the Liberal establishment, by which it exerts near-total control of the State Department. Have you guessed it? … It’s the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Blinken has also been a writer for the CFR bi-monthly magazine, Foreign Affairs. [35] Additionally, Tony Blinken’s father Donald, and uncle Alan are CFR members. Tony’s wife Evan Ryan is also a CFR member. [36] Blinken and Ryan got married in 2002, at the Jesuit Holy Trinity Catholic Church, located in Washington, D.C. [37] Ryan was a Senior Advisor to the Biden-Harris transition team in 2021 and is currently White House Cabinet Secretary. She was campaign manager for Biden’s failed 2008 Presidential campaign, alongside her husband. (Note: Blinken was also involved; his parents also raised funds for Biden in 2020; see Wikipedia pages for Tony and Donald)

In 2004 she served on John Kerry’s Presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2000 senatorial campaign. During the Clinton administration, she was Deputy Director of Scheduling for the First Lady and Special Assistant to the First Lady’s Chief of Staff. [38]

Antony Blinken and Evan Ryan
Antony Blinken and Evan Ryan

Let’s have a quick look at Blinken’s wife. She went to Boston College, then subsequently to John Hopkins University. She held the position below Under Secretary of State John Kerry and worked in the Obama administration, working with both the President and Vice-President as an assistant. Following the Trump victory, she and her husband left the Whitehouse. Ryan helped launch and lead Axios and served as Executive Vice-President. Ryan has also been involved with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) of the “liberal CIA” Clinton Foundation. [39]

Now let’s get back to the CFR, yes that one NGO with the same notoriety as the TC. How many past Secretaries of State have been a member?

  • Dean Acheson, Sec. of State, 1949-1953, Truman adm., CFR member since 1947
  • John Foster Dulles, Sec. of State, 1953-1959, Eisenhower adm., founding CFR member in 1922
  • Henry Kissinger, Sec. of State, 1973-1977, Ford adm., CFR member since 1956
  • Cyrus Vance, Sec. of State, 1977-1980, Carter adm., CFR member since 1968
  • George Schultz, Sec. of State, 1982-1989, Reagan adm., CFR member since 1974
  • James Baker III, Sec. of State, 1989-1992, Bush adm., CFR member since 1998
  • Lawrence Eagleburger, Sec. of State, 1992-1993, Bush adm., CFR member since 1974
  • Warren Christopher, Sec. of State, 1993-1997, Clinton adm., CFR member since 1973 [40]
  • Tony Blinken, Sec. of State, 2021-Present, Biden adm., CFR

Wow, now that’s a list, but remember that we’re only dealing with Secretaries of State here. All six in our TC list reappeared in this CFR list. Many other governmental posts have been held by CFR members, including Presidents, yet another rabbit hole to be left alone from here. What is evident is that the whole system is rigged. For many decades it has not mattered who has gotten into office, the same NGOs have persistently held influence over every top candidate and their administrations, Republican or Democrat. Conclusion: the system is rigged, and our nation’s leaders do not truly represent the people. Once you realize the truth, you can begin to break free from the blinders.

Zionist establishment ties:

Antony Blinken at AJC
Antony Blinken at AJC

While there are more Blinken ties to the Liberal establishment that will be mentioned, there is another establishment that needs to be examined: Zionist. Yes, it really should come as no surprise, sense Blinken comes from a longstanding liberal Jewish family supporting the nation of Israel.

As of this moment, I have found only 2 involvements of Blinken in key Zionist NGOs. The first is the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which in 2015 he spoke at Global Forum. At the beginning of the speech, he also extended a “shalom” to the elite Herzliya Conference (IPS). [41] In the speech, he spoke about the Obama administration’s support and defense of Israel. He also spoke of the importance of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weaponry.

A couple of years later, Blinken attended the 2017 Luncheon of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). [42] He indicated that he had spoken before AIPAC multiple times in the past. Early on in the speech he spoke about the United States’ and his family’s long support of Israel and the Jewish people. Especially during the Holocaust, speaking about his stepfather Samuel Pisar, who survived it. Pisar was an interesting character, as we have already seen.

In 1950, Pisar had been involved in the United Nations in New York and Paris. By 1960, he returned to the US to become a member of John F. Kennedy’s economic and foreign task force. Pisar was also an advisor to the State Department and House committees. Pisar has also reportedly been a Trustee of the Brookings Institution Washington. However, while Pisar was an established author, he was a notorious lawyer, with clientele including many “Fortune 500 companies and many known business leaders of the 20th and 21st century.” Intriguing, Pisar was a longtime lawyer and confidant of Robert Maxwell. He was potentially the last person to speak with Maxwell before his suicide in 1991. [43]

Some of you may already be thinking, wait is that Robert Maxwell, father of Ghislaine Maxwell, whose controversial trial is ongoing? Yes him, whose daughter was the main accomplice of notorious pedo-criminal Jeffrey Epstein. All of a sudden, a number of strange coincidences begin to appear. Blinken attended the Dalton School until 1971, before going to Paris with Pisar. From 1974-1976, Epstein was employed at Dalton, until he was fired. Epstein had landed a job at Bear Stearns through Abe Greenberg.

Blinken attended Harvard University from 1980-1984, little over ten years later, we find Epstein getting involved at Harvard. At the same time, Epstein joins the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. In the former Epstein was a member from 1995-2007 and in the latter 1995-2009. [44] Add to these coincidences, Blinken’s close relationship with the Clintons, Bidens, and Soros, as well as his involvement in CNN, and one might begin to raise an eyebrow. However, as far as we know, these are just a series of strange coincidences, which may very well and probably be the reality.

Private sector and other ties:

Antony Blinken private life
Antony Blinken and Evan Ryan

One interesting connection that may be appropriately mentioned here is Blinken’s 2021 speech at the Summit of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). [45] Several other prominent individuals have spoken at the NSCAI Summit and have been members of its Commission.

Recently in the last couple of days, Blinken spoke at a prominent venue in Berlin, Germany, the day before his meeting in Geneva with Lavrov. This Thursday, Blinken’s speech in Berlin was hosted by the Atlantik-Brucke, along with the German Marshall Fund, the Aspen Institute Germany, and American Council on Germany (Atlantic-Brucke sister). [46] In both Atlantik-Brucke organizations, we find Henry Kissinger and many other superclasses. The Aspen Institute Germany board has included a number of mostly German superclass. The Aspen Institute itself has a list of superclass, including Kissinger and Vance. Many others have been involved. The German Marshall Fund is also very elite. All of these NGOs hosting Blinken’s speech are part of the Liberal establishment US-German relations, per ISGP’s very accurate list. [47]

It was already mentioned that Mrs. Ryan, after leaving her governmental position in 2017, got involved in business, such as with co-founding the Axios media outlet. Blinken also got involved in the private sector, but in more murky areas. For example, in 2017, Blinken was a co-founder with Michele Flourony and other Obama administration officials, of WestExec Advisors, [48] a private risk and strategic consulting firm, located in Washington, D.C. The notorious Jen Psaki was an employee, as well as the current Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines. Flourony described the group to “Liberal CIA” The Intercept_: “Think Scowcroft Group, Kissinger, RiceHadleyGates, Albright, but my generation.” [49] Blinken disclosed during the Biden transition, that clients of WestExec have included “Blackstone, Bank of America, Facebook, Uber, McKinsey & Company, the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, the pharmaceutical company Gilead, the investment bank Lazard, Boeing, AT&T, the Royal Bank of Canada, LinkedIn…” Yet other clients have included Google’s Jigsaw, Winward (Israeli AI firm), Shield AI (drone surveillance) and “Fortune 100 types.” Mrs. Haines also disclosed that WestExec has worked with nonother than Palantir Technologies. [50] Well that’s interesting, Palantir was founded by “Paypal Mafia” head Peter Thiel, one of the view Neocon oriented in Silicon Valley, and it’s suspected of being an “elite CIA front.” [51]

In the middle of researching this, I found out that Blinken has also given a speech at the Concordia Summit, giving Keynote Remarks in 2016. [52] At the end of the speech, he capped it off by saying the West needs to accept more refugees and totally pro-open borders. There have been numerous other interesting speakers at Concordia. It just goes to show, that the superclass is people with endless bios, as ISGP has said long ago.

A strategic partner of WestExec is a group called Pine Island Capital Partners. Before becoming involved with the Biden administration, Blinken was involved with the group, which raised a significant amount of money for a SPAC dealing with “defense, government service and aerospace industries” and Covid relief. Biden transition team members besides Blinken also involved in Pine include Flournoy and Lloyd Austin. Pine’s chairman John Thain was the last chairman of Merrill Lynch before it was sold to Bank of America. [53] Anyone familiar with the above big businesses mentioned here will quickly realize, that we’re dealing with the same network, every time.

Tony Blinken’s father Donald was one of the founders of E. M. Warburg Pincus & Company, in 1966. A controversy came about with the use of the Warburg name, which ultimately won out in Pincus’ favor. [54] Tony’s uncle Alan was also involved in a number of businesses. Alan was president of the Model Roland & Co. and managing director of the old Wertheim Schroder & Co. He was also involved with the Belgium-based biopharmaceutical manufacturer Union Chimique Belge (UCB), founded in 1928 by Emmanuel Janssen. [55]

On a later note, in late December 2021, Blinken prominently made introductory remarks at the Summit for Democracy. [56]

Simply put, without having gone into all the political positions or foreign relations meetings of Blinken, it can conclusively be stated that Mr. Blinken is certainly a low-level superclass member.


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