Guest writing for Truthrises

Are you passionate about a world event, history, or even political topics? Then you came to the right place. I and our writers are looking for individuals passionate about wisdom, change, and writing.

Topics we write about

Politics (examples: Modern slavery, poverty, environmental problems, trade…etc)

World Events ( examples: Ukraine, Iran, Yemen, Kazakhistan, China…etc) 

History (examples: Civil war, cold war, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, mystic age…etc)

What we require:

  1. A minimum of 500 words
  2. Creativity (being able to choose topics on your own)
  3. Unique content: Your own words, the content in the article can not be found on other websites
  4. If you use quotations: Mention the reference
  5. Accuracy in the content
  6. Correct spelling, grammar
  7. Thinking outside the box
  8. By what name should we credit your article?
  9. A list of your references, a bibliography


Truthrises values quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity, and accuracy overdramatization.

We are excited to hear about your ideas and to read your articles, feel free to contact us if you have further questions through the following email.


Send your articles/ideas or questions here: